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Well, almost 11 hours in and we’ve (my sister and I) only missed 32 minutes of reading time. We didn’t start at 8 on the dot because I realized coffee must be started, instead we started at 8:15 after mad dashes to the bathroom and coffee pot, respectively.

I’ve jumped from book to book a bit but so far have finished:

1. Afterbirth: Stories You Won’t Read in a Parenting Magazine edited by Dani Klein Modisett

2. The Book of Witches: A Spellbinding Guide by Tim Dedopulos

I started reading New Moon, the second book in the Twilight series, but on page 73 I put it down as Bella was becoming increasingly whiny. So much so that I thought to myself, ‘Who the heck would want to immortalize this little brat?’ Yeah, flashback to last year when I struggled my way through Twilight, at which point I realized that some books are indeed better in their movie form.

I’m going to bounce around a bit and post on a few blogs before I get back to reading.

*Note to self for next year* Must get more lighting! My comfortably lit apartment is not bright enough for power reading.