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I’m going to get started on my Christmas gifts.  I realize it is only May but December comes around very quickly when you are making presents.

The first project on the list is a puppet theater and some puppets. Though I would like to do something in the size of a small playhouse, I don’t have the room or storage space for that. Also, I want it to be relatively portable so I’ve decided to do one of the doorway hanging types. I don’t think I’ll buy a pattern though, not when there are plenty of free options for puppets/puppet theaters. Last Christmas I made a puppet each for Fin and Dul which were a big hit.

For the theater itself, I want it to be fairly elaborate, kind of like this paper doll puppet theater from Altered Artifacts on Etsy. Of course, it will be fabric, not paper, and will be a bit larger than the one pictured but I like the detail and the type of theater pictured in that link. I’m not big on circus themes as I don’t like circuses themselves (animal cruelty, etc.) and I don’t like the bold, contrasting colors. I’m thinking more along the lines of a theater that one might find in Medieval times (or the stereotypical type found in movies depicting that time).

I also want the kids to be able to take it down and put it up easily. I’m thinking of some type of hooks on the doorways, or perhaps something that can be pinned up in some (safe) way. I’m still working on that part of the idea.

I want there to be some sort of shelf-type thing where the kids can put up props and such. I also want there to be an option to change out the background scenery, thus enabling them to be creative and make their own backdrops. Another idea that I’ll have to look into a bit further.

As for the puppets themselves, I want to make a lot. Farm animals, sea animals, exotic animals, basically, if there is an animal, I want to make it. People of all types, from historic characters to present day occupations (mailman, etc.) are also on my list. Dragons and other fantastical creatures are on my list as well. I’ll buy some patterns such as these pond puppets from Rainbow Valley on Etsy.

I like the storage case that was made with this puppet theater. With as much work as I’m putting into this idea, I want to ensure that I have proper storage so it doesn’t get ruined just laying around.

Over at Craftster they are hosting a thread called Toybox Tuesday. I’m going to use that as my goal marker. The idea is that each Tuesday another thread will be started wherein people post pictures of toys they’ve completed over the past week. It seems like a cool idea and one that will help me keep on track.