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In trying to ensure that the kids are ready for public school when it begins, I’ve revamped my teaching style.

Last week I gave Fin a list of fifteen words that I’d plucked from a children’s dictionary. I printed the words on a big posterboard and each day he went over the words with either myself or the Husband.

Dul did the first lesson from the preparatory curriculum from Letter of the Week. This week (I start our week on Saturday now, it is just easier for me) he’ll be doing lesson two. He really seems to like the lessons and is finally seeming to retain the information.

Awhile back I bought “Giant Basic Skills Preschool Workbook” somewhere and I’ve started Dul on it. I like the tracing work that it provides but it is really a backup kind of thing. I plan to buy the Kumon books that are centered on letter acquisition so that he can get more practice writing the letters with a letter model that he can trace. I may even have one or two already, I have so many books that I’ve yet to enter into LibraryThing that I’m having to use the old-fashioned way of finding books (read: search through my shelves and get distracted when I stumble upon books that I’d forgotten I had).

After making the decision to send the kids to school I ran out and bought “What Your ____ Needs to Know” for both kindergarten and first grade. I’ll be drawing from that as well to help make my lesson plans.

Of course, we’re using Starfall.com as the kids absolutely adore it.

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