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I’ve finally ordered a sewing table for myself. I’ve been wanting a better place to sew for quite awhile (I use the coffee table or dining room table right now, neither of which is a very good place to sew) and had picked out the table I wanted long ago. My hand-me-down sewing machine broke recently which was the final push for me to take the plunge and get the table as the table comes with a sewing machine.

While waiting for my table and sewing machine to arrive, I’m trying to decide what my first project will be when it gets here. Here are some of the contenders.

Baby Briefs

Button Down Shirt to Circle Skirt

Fabric Storage Cube

Fat Quarter Baby Skirt

Faux Fly and Pocket Tutorial (Spanish and English)

Flat Front Pants

Girl’s Summer Skirts Series

Knee Pad Pants

Lazy Days Skirt

Little Underwear for Girl

The Market Skirt

Patchwork Fabric Basket

Refashioned Slim Slack for Boys

Skirt Pattern

Twirl Skirt

Twirly Skirt Tutorial

Yellow Linen Pants
Carolina Patchworks Quilt Patterns has me dreaming of starting a quilt that will be done just in time for the onset of fall.

The blog MADE has tons of great ideas backed up by fabulous links. I’ll definitely be heading back there to narrow down my final project list. You should check it out if you’re looking for cool patterns/tutorials. Also, she’s doing a pattern giveaway from Carolina Patchworks right now which is just icing on the cake.