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Artichokes have been on my mind as of late. I bought a grill last summer and (shame!) have yet to use it. My interest was peaked today when I logged into WordPress and saw that one of the featured blogs was (you guessed it!) about grilled artichokes.  Paleo Girls has written a great tutorial on grilled artichokes. You know me, a good tutorial is all it takes for me to be set off onto a researching binge. I’ll definitely be back to Paleo Girls later as it looks very interesting. I’ve added it to my Google reader (extremely, terribly, frustratingly long but incredibly detailed in its organization) and soon shall add it to my blog roll here.

So, back to my research on the artichokes. First up comes an article I found when attempting to find out when artichokes would be in full bloom from The City Cook (which is another site I intend to check out later), What’s In Season: Artichokes.

Naturally, since it is spring which means tiny blooms will soon be on the way and my mind is on all things growing, my mind next skipped to growing my own artichokes. As I am in an apartment and artichokes apparently take a lot of room to grow this won’t be on my plate (well, it will be on my plate, but not my porch) however this was an interesting read. Can Artichokes Bring New Heart to Texas Agriculture?

Speaking of gardening, I found a new (to me) forum for gardening, GardenWeb. I have yet to fully explore the site but it looks interesting on first glance.

Last up, another recipe/tutorial for grilled artichokes from Cooking for Engineers. Grilled Artichokes by Michael Chu

All of this has made me decide that I’ve got to figure out my grill this summer and grill up some artichokes. It will be a nice change from the boiled ones I usually eat. I’m envisioning artichokes and chicken, artichokes and ribs, artichokes and corn…