Every year I say the same thing: I’m not going to leave my Christmas crafting/shopping until the last moment. I’m sure you know by now how that turned out. So tonight, once again, I’ve just finished shopping and am now crafting.

To keep better order of what I’m doing I’m going to keep a running update here.

I’m going to make Belle a poppet. I’m going to make one outfit now and then I can add to the wardrobe on other holidays.

I’m thinking of simple clothing for the poppet. Though Belle would love this Tink poppet. But a mermaid might be something I can finish by the morning.

Her hair will be make of yarn like the one in this thread.

If I have the time, I might make a mini doll.

Which would look great in this dollhouse.

A knotted doll looks really cool. I think Belle would like it.

I’m going to make the boys each a puppet. I haven’t yet decided on the tutorial that I’ll follow for that one. I like the way this cat puppet looks.

I’m considering making a play pillow like this one. I especially like the idea of the pieces sticking to the mat with velcro. I’ve got tons of velcro in various colors. I’m thinking it will be harder to lose the pieces as well.

A play mat with a scene would be really cool. Maybe a farm or zoo with a garden!

This is kind of how I’d like mine to look.

Dul would probably love some felt Pokemon.

On the educational side I could make some counting bean bags.

I definitely need to make a few pieces of felt food. Both Fin and Dul would love to have a feast of felt food like this.

Felt cake is so cute! Sometimes is can almost pass for the real thing.

Simple felt food is interesting.

This cloth book is a great idea. I see making one for each of the kids with a story about them. Of course, I won’t have the time for it this Christmas but it is an interesting idea.