I don’t know how many times I’ve started to blog over the past few weeks. Each time I sit down and start to type, something interrupts me. Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

But finals are (finally!) over and I have some time to breathe, eat, meet my family again (‘How do you do? Remember me? I believe we met prior to the beginning of (booming voice) The Semester from HELL…’), you know, the usual.

So what have I been up to, other than attempting to gouge my eyes out with an e-book? Ah, absolutely tons of fascinating things. Of course, my brain is fried from all the studying so I’m not really aware of what fun things I did. The past few weeks went something like this:

Friend: Do you want to have a playdate this week?

Me: Yeah! I’d love to!

Three weeks later…

Friend: What the &$#! happened to you?!?

Yeah… That’s been my life.

However, don’t let my comments fool you. I have no idea what to do with myself now that the semester is over. Part of me wishes that I’d signed up for at least one winter semester class so as to have something to occupy all of this (what’s the phrase? oh yeah…) free time that I now have. Of course, the other part is completely and totally over the moon about the no studying aspect of this holiday season.

So to bring this post back on track, let’s talk about these holidays, shall we?

I have yet to make even one single gift. I’m whittling down my list and have decided to just make five gifts. Ten days until Christmas, five gifts to make.