Today I’m trying to get a bit of fall cleaning/preparation done. I’ll be working on these things in ten minute bursts:

  1. Pick up living room
  2. Organize bookcase
  3. Vacuum living room
  4. Pick up dining room
  5. Clean dining room table
  6. Sweep dining room
  7. Mop dining room
  8. Pick up bathroom
  9. Wash bathroom walls
  10. Clean toilet
  11. Clean tub/shower
  12. Clean bathroom counter/sink
  13. Sweep bathroom
  14. Mop bathroom

I’m going to go work on those things before I get to a deeper cleaning.

Update: I’ve finished all but four of the first list. I’ll finish that off and then I’ll work on the following:

  1. Organize entertainment center
  2. Clean coffee table
  3. Unload dishwasher
  4. Load dishwasher
  5. Pick up kitchen
  6. Clean kitchen counters
  7. Sweep kitchen floor
  8. Wash kitchen walls
  9. Mop kitchen floor
  10. Clean refrigerator
  11. Pick up bedroom
  12. Make bed
  13. Organize vanity
  14. Vacuum bedroom

Whew. Taking a quick fifteen minute break and then back to the grind.