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So, I’m kind of skipping over Halloween for the moment. I need to find a few crafts to do with the kids this week as Fin pointed out that we haven’t decorated for Halloween at all. We don’t normally but I guess he’s old enough this year to question why not. So we’ll do something, at some point this week. However, Christmas is my favorite holiday and I’ve spent much of the night looking up ideas on (you guessed it) MarthaStewart.com. (This is what happens when one drinks too much caffeine in an attempt to stay up and do schoolwork to meet a deadline. The caffeine doesn’t wear off in time to get any sleep!)

Keepsake Stocking I think this is a great idea. As this will not be the first Christmas for any of my kids, if I choose this option I’ll probably pick a design for each previous year and glue it on.

Mini Stockings Yet again I’m going to attempt this for Advent. It is the best way I can think of to include something for all the kids. I’m thinking of small things like matchbox cars, stickers, crayons, et cetera. I’ll likely add little handmade gifts as well.

Jingle Bell Stockings Part of the magic of Christmas is hearing jingle bells everywhere I go. Some find it annoying, I find it joyous. Bells on the stockings would make me happy. As an added plus, I could hear any little hands messing with the stockings this way.

Knit Stockings I’d like to learn to knit, I like the look of the fabric that it makes, but it isn’t likely to be this year. I included this one just in case anyone reading is interested.

Baby Sock Advent Calendar Since I’ve been in a major declutter/purge mood, I’m not sure if I have any stray baby socks. It is a good idea though.

Nutcracker Stockings I love the ballet. I love the Nutcracker. Thus, I love these stockings! This is one of the main ideas I’m considering.

Embossed Velvet Stockings Velvet is pretty and soft. These stockings would be nice.

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