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With Story of the World ordered and on its way, I’ve moved on to the next subject that needs attention: language study. I’m going to make each of the boys a LiveMocha account of their own. I’m going to have them do German and Spanish, studying each language two days a week. Until they each get a stronger foothold in writing in English, I’m not going to have them do the writing part of the lessons.

Today we’re “officially” restarting homeschooling. I was going to do it last week but then I got a concussion at work (yes, my luck has been seriously sucking lately) and had to delay once again. I’m still not recovered from that but the show must go on eventually. With the everyday bustle of life combined with my new health issues, I need a more solid plan to keep up. I’ve written out a basic plan for this week. I’ve decided to go with a four day school week, meaning that I will attempt to do schoolwork with the boys at least four days a week.

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