I’d stalled out on Wicked. It just wasn’t drawing me in and then Husband decided that he wanted to read it. Being the lover of books that I am, I couldn’t say no. So I gave him the book to read, leaving me bookless.

Instead I started Wedding Etiquette Hell. I’ve always been interested in weddings and all that goes with them so reading the book wasn’t a stretch for me. I finished the book on the 10th. It was alright. Some of the anecdotes were pretty funny, others left me cold. I found myself scanning the pages and flipping through pages and then realizing that I couldn’t remember anything I’d read in the past few minutes.

Needless to say, it took me forever and a day to read this book. That isn’t to say that the book was boring, it wasn’t. I wasn’t really in the right mindframe to read the book. The little paragraphs were entertaining enough. If I were planning a wedding, or knew someone who was, I’d read this book again or recommend it. But it won’t be something I read again until that point.