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It’s that time again…

Diaper making time! The pocket diaper I made, while certainly not pretty, is great. I love how easy it cleans and the ease of use. So I’ve decided to make more. Right now I’ve got the outer and inner pieces cut out for three diapers, two with fleece outers and one (drumroll please!) PUL outer. I bought this PUL when the boys were still in diapers but I never used it. The horror stories I’ve heard kept me from using it as I didn’t want to damage and waste it. But why just keep fabric laying around because I don’t want to damage it? That’s ridiculous. Fabric is made to be used. Or so I told myself as I hesitantly cut into the PUL.

I finally found two of my camera batteries, which are on the charger right now, so I’ll take pictures of the diapers when I’m done and upload them to Flikr. You can check out the pics in my sidebar Flikr widget.