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Today is Day 1 of Operation Pre-Baby Thighs (hereafter known as OPBT).

I’m not going to change my consumption habits as many of my calories come from caffeinated beverages and I’m not going to cut those out. Period. I tried that recently and the end result involved me huddled over a pot of coffee, growling at anyone who glanced my way, while the Husband and children breathed a sigh of relief. From a safe distance of course.

What I am going to change is my exercise habits. Each day I’ll aim to do some type of exercise for an hour. I’ll give myself one free day a week which I can take at any point of the week.

Today my hour of exercise consisted of Pilates for Abs followed by Denise Austin’s Fat-Blasting Yoga. The yoga dvd is actually an hour but I stopped when the strengthening portion came on which was about 30 minutes into the dvd.

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