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I have a looong list of favorites on Ravelry. Each time I go peruse the list I debate with myself over the intelligence of including knitting patterns. I don’t knit. I bought knitting needles at one point and though I enjoyed the activity, I never got further than knitting a little block. So why include patterns on my favorites page just to torture myself?

I want to learn to knit. The overabundance of knitting patterns is a big draw. Also, I like the look of knit clothing better than that of crochet. However all the supplies, the fact that knitting isn’t something that you can set down at anytime like you can with crochet (a big drawback as the zoo of children residing in my household frequently require me to fling whatever is in my hands at the moment to the ground so as to properly pull a SuperMama move), and my own stubborn nature all keep me from attempting to learn.

Well, I’m finally putting all of that aside. I’ve decided to finally learn how to knit. I’ve decided that my first project will be a pair of Sucky Thumb Mitts for Belle. I love fingerless mitts and these look easy enough. Now to order the yarn and needles from KnitPicks… I think I’ll pay for the more expensive shipping this time as last time it took an extremely long time to get my delivery and I want to get started on these soon so they’ll be done for fall.