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One of the presents we gave Belle for her birthday or Christmas (that’s what happens when celebrations are so close together, though at the time I put a bunch of effort into recognizing them distinctly, in the end they meld together in my mind) was a boom box. Yes, I am old and I call them boom boxes. Whatevs. I was a child in the 80s, grew up in the 90s, and guess what? They are boom boxes to me, forever. Anyway so this boom box (fine, radio) was the greatest investment ever. Every time she goes to sleep, we turn it on to a classical radio station and she sleeps so long. It is so beautiful. She sleeps through the entire night and it is all due to the beautiful, wonderful radio. When we first bought it she still woke up once a night and had a little party. The music keeps her sleeping soundly for the entire night. As I type, she is sleeping like a teenager (whoever coined the “baby” part of that phrase apparently never had children) on summer break. It is fantastic.