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I’m in a crafty mood as of late. The heat and business of the summer has prevented me from doing much crafting. It is hard to have a handful of fabric or yarn when it is over 100 degrees outside. But with fall fast approaching, my hands have started itching to create.

I used my Darling Diaper pattern and made my first pocket diaper the other day. It was an emergency diaper so quite a few mistakes were made. I put the wrong side on the outside, didn’t reinforce the pocket area enough, and I put the velcro in the wrong place and had to make more tabs. I didn’t have time to find my stitch cutter so I left the others on which is not pretty. But, it works and Belle seemed to think it was comfortable. All I did was one layer of fleece and one layer of flannel. I just stitched those together as I forgot to turn it. I stuffed it with a hand towel that I’d gotten on sale in the spring. I improvised a doubler by laying another towel inside the diaper. This lasted the entire night and when Belle got up, it hadn’t leaked. That is great because she’s taken to taking off her diapers and throwing them across the room when she feels wetness.

I plan to make another pocket diaper, the right way, tomorrow.

I’ve put the Christmas presents to the side and am working on crocheting a purse for Belle. As I love the way the Easy Peasy Crochet Bag can be customized, I’m going to use the tutorial for Belle’s purse. I’m thinking of making some type of felt embellishments, but I haven’t decided on that yet.