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This will be my first big project since making Belle’s afghan. I figure that Belle will play with her purse for about a year, maybe even two, so I want to make it in a way that will be fun for her now and in a year when she’s more advanced with her play.

I spent some time looking at other bags on Ravelry (I love Ravelry! If you crochet or knit and you haven’t joined, you should!) and I’ve decided on a few extras I’d like to make for the bag. My main points:

  • Lining. I think this makes all the difference. In the past when I’ve heard of crocheted or knit purses, I blew the idea off because while cute it seemed impractical. Adding a lining means pockets and a more sophisticated look.
  • Pockets. As stated above, this pushes the bag up to another level for me. Since this is a purse for a 1½ year old, I’ll just add one or two pockets with no snaps or zippers. I might do velcro on one pocket.
  • Fabric straps. I think these will be more durable and again, I like the look better than crocheted straps. I have some Tinkerbell fabric that I bought to use for Belle but couldn’t figure out a use for, it will be perfect for the lining and straps.

This bag‘s fabric straps and lining are what I’m aiming for. Though I’ll make the straps all fabric and no crochet. I don’t know whether I’ll add a zipper as I don’t know how to do it. Also, Belle might get frustrated with it. I like the butterfly embellishment on this bag and the flower on this bag. The heart on this bag looks pretty simple which is a plus since Belle is still prone to putting things in her mouth. If I do a butterfly it won’t be able to have beads which is most of the charm of it.

I’ve gotten started on the bag now (I’ve been working on this post in between dealing with the needs and demands of the kids). Belle picked a pretty green acrylic from my stash. Well, I held out two colors and prodded her towards the green as I thought it was prettier and would go with the Tinkerbell fabric better. The fabric looks a bit like the print used for this smocked material. I have some nicer yarn but for a toddler purse I think acrylic is the way to go for the easy clean. So far I’ve gotten about half the bottom done. I’d like to add this Tinkerbell applique but I’m feeling ambitious and at this point I’m not going to buy it, I’m going to try to embroider it.

This purse is going to be great. I wish it were closer to Christmas as this would be a hit at Christmas. Maybe I’ll make more.

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