It is time for my favorite type of post, the linking type!

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t know about many of the links I have without other blogs filling me in. So today I’m going to feature some of those blogs that keep me in the know, whatever the genre.

Babygadget features some of the cutest things for babies. Enough to almost make me want to have another baby, almost. Instead, I’ll settle for giving the greatest baby shower gifts. And don’t be put off, they also feature cool stuff for older babies and kids. As an added bonus: Much of the stuff that they feature is actually within my price range.

Popgadget makes me want to put my whole check into paypal. I find tons of new things to buy (or just admire from afar, mostly) when I take the time to catch up on posts.

Babyccino caught my eye with this post about yummy pastries. Not only did it give me an idea of a snack, but it gave me a recipe that I can tweak at my will. I’ve found my new favorite kid clothing shop through there: The Emperor’s New Clothes. The style is exactly what I like and everything I love about dressing kids. While the prices are pretty high, it gives me ideas and I’ll likely buy a couple pieces from there. For example, this baby coat is absolutely adorable.

Baby Cheapskate blogs about an issue close to my heart; deals on baby items. Because while I love to gaze at and drool over items from The Emperor’s New Clothes, they are kind of out of my price range. This gives me an opportunity to buy my baby something cute without breaking the bank.

And I’ll end it with Laughing Purple Goldfish. LPG inspires me with projects such as this beautiful miniature bag. I’m now obsessed with finding a good place to buy handcrafted beads. She writes patterns and tutorials herself as well.

I’ll have more, varied links next time. With seemingly everyone around me being pregnant, my mind is on all that is baby. Not to mention the three kids of my very own that wear more expensive kicks than me.