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Yards, that is.

I’ve never been one for yard sales but this morning I felt like wandering the neighborhood and ended up going home with a ton of stuff.

  • Preschool skateboard: 50¢
  • Two trucks with the truck bed full of megablocks: $3
  • Racetrack complete with the two cars and remotes: $3
  • Two candle holders: $1
  • Little heart-shaped box made of glass: 50¢
  • Man’s jewelry box: $1
  • Two necklaces: $2
  • Wooden clock: $5
  • Three shaped pancake cutters: 75¢
  • Two mini muffin tins: $1
  • Bag of crayons: $1
  • Two kid cds: $1.50
  • Copper tea kettle: $5
  • Two preschool workbooks: $1.50
  • Addition flashcards: $1
  • Subtraction flashcards: $1
  • Bracelet-type watch: 50¢
  • Propane grill: $3

That was the price of the stuff before I paid. But when I went to pay a couple of the sellers gave me a lower price (I guess since I was buying so much). So all told I spent $23 for all of that today! The grill seems to be in pretty good condition. I need to clean it but $3 is a great price! A man walked over to it right after I did and I’d already been beat to a shoerack that I had my eye on so I immediately piped up, “I’ll take it!” I mean, seriously, a three dollar grill is impossible to turn down! I’m happy with everything that I got (and the boys really loved the toys!) but I am especially over the moon about the grill and the copper teakettle (which another woman was eyeing after I walked up to it). I think I got a couple other things as well but I haven’t taken the stuff out of the bags yet so I’m not sure.

I am officially hooked on yardsailing!!! 🙂