I’ve gone back and forth in my mind over whether or not I should get a new bookcase. I have two huge five-shelf units but space has officially run out. I purged books the other day and got rid of what seemed like a million. I had stacks of books all over the place in my living room and I managed to fit all my (owned) books into the two bookcases. The problem with that is that there is no room left for new buys and my library books are still stacked up.

The two bookcases I have are pretty thick, expensive wood ones. Both were gifts and not something that I can usually afford. However, it has now gotten to the point where I can no longer afford to take my time about my decision. I mean, I had to throw books out for goodness sake!

So I’m going to hit up my local thrif shop. I’m hoping that I’ll luck out and run into 2 or 3 three-shelf units so I can have one each for the kids in their rooms. If not, one more five-shelf unit should do it, for awhile anyway.

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