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So, the first Christmas gift that I’m working on is a round ripple for Dul. I’m not sure on sizing, I’m just going to go with it until it feels right. I want him to be able to wrap up in it so I know it will be about his body size but we’ll see. I’m using stash yarn to get this done.

I put down Water Cooler Diaries as I’m not in the mood for a compilation right now. Instead, I’ve begun to read New Moon. I think I might be a bit tapped out on that though. I’m only in the first few pages and Bella is already annoying me with her whining. This is the way I see it. Eventually, Edward can turn her into a vampire. If she stops whining about it and goes to college, by the time she graduates she’ll only be 22. 22 year olds don’t look much older than 17 year olds. Four years into the relationship (as opposed to a few months) might make Edward see it in a different way. Also, it gives her time to change her mind. She doesn’t know anything about life yet. Can he have kids? Does she want kids? And so on. So, I might hibernate that book and pick up one of the others. I believe this just may be the first book I’ve run into where I can stomach the movie better than the book. I’m going to give it a few chapters to get better though.

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