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While reading Something Borrowed, I read a comment on the next book where someone wrote that it made her like the “villian” in it. That comment confused me and was clear at the same time. I identified with the villianous character, understanding her motives and desires. So this second book, that showed more than just her words and actions but her feelings and thoughts as well, it was soothing to me. Often, far too often, I’ve run into people thinking I’m aloof because I’m shy, mean because I’m nervous, stupid because I’m pretty. Admitting that I think that I’m pretty is sure to get me a snub. I don’t understand that. I have my faults (woo boy do I have my faults!) but I just think that overall, on a good day, I’m pretty. Anyway, so I saw a bit of myself in the character and was very pleased when the second book showed that she was a person with feelings. I’ve just finished the second book, Something Blue, and I liked it more than the first. There was none of the man-stealing that tainted the first book for me. Instead just the quest of self-improvement which I myself am concentrating on these days. If there were ever an author to have shined brighter in her writing through her second book, Emily Giffin is surely it.