I feel the clutter closing in. My wonderfully generous aunt recently gave us a dining room table, along with a lot of other stuff. While I like it all, more stuff coming in means more stuff needs to go out. I’ve been in a funk for awhile now and have been severely slacking in the cleaning arena. As you know, I’ve been slowly pulling myself out of my perpetual bad mood.

So today begins what I’ll call Preparing for Fall cleaning. I realize that fall is quite a bit away but it is, after all, my favorite season while summer is the season that I like the least. So it gives me something to do and something to look forward to. (Like I really need something else to do.)

I started in the boys’ room. So far I’ve:

  • Stripped their beds
  • Washed the bedding
  • Flipped the mattresses
  • Run a load of toys through the dishwasher
  • Threw out a bunch of broken/junk toys

I still have to:

  • Make the beds
  • Run another load of toys
  • Vacuum
  • Spot clean the carpet (I’ll save the heavy-duty hand-shampooing for another day)
  • Wash the walls
  • Paint