I overslept this morning and typed up my post in a whirlwind, trying to make sure I made the time limit. I almost forgot about needing to link to the finish line, luckily enough I went to check out the rules again to see if there was anything I missed. Doubtless, there are many more who read much more than I did as I did have to sleep a bit each day (oh caffeine! How thee failed me in my time of greatest need!!!) but I had so much fun doing this. Next year I’ll be better prepared for how I want to do it (you’ll see that at the end of each post I termed my hours differently and didn’t think to add pages read until I saw it on someone else’s blog).

What I loved:

  1. How much fun it was.
  2. The freedom to just read.
  3. Cutting down on my “to read” list a little.
  4. How much fun it was!

What I’ll do differently next year:

  1. Send the kids to my mom’s or possibly my sister-in-law’s. The Husband being put out about having to assume all the kid care cut into the enjoyment level for me.
  2. Lay in some food. I want to get snacks ready to go and cook meals in advance and pop them in the freezer.
  3. If I have to work, I want to find my mp3 player and put my audio book on that. Listening on my phone was great but the holster was a pain to get to the keys to rewind when I missed something due to coworker clatter.
  4. Obtain and use a stopwatch. I attempted to use the one on my phone after mentioning my want to the Husband and having him inform me that my phone has that feature. However, it couldn’t be run at the same time as anything else (for instance, my audio book) so it became useless. I had to shave minutes off each time as I’d start reading at __:48 then get interrupted by a coworker for two minutes, at which time I’d just round up to five minutes for the ease of keeping track. A stop watch would have been very helpful in that situation.
  5. Try and be off of work the whole time.

All in all, I had a great time and will be waiting for next year so I can take part in this again!