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Whew! I am finally finished. I had to take a break in there as my eyes were getting bleary and not holding up well to the caffeine. But I’m happy with my final hours. I crashed into a deep sleep when I was done and slept like never before. Ok, I’ve slept that deeply before but still, it was a deep, dreamless, extremely refreshing sleep. Anyway, I read True Mom Confessions by Romi Lassally and  Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles De Lint.

True Mom Confessions was kind of like that blog… I can’t remember the name of it but people submit their confessions and they’ve made books featuring those. But these were just the confessions, no pictures to go along with it. Nothing shocked me, some made me feel better about my mom self, some left me laughing. A few seemed a little out there but it was all cool. I especially liked the essays submitted by different bloggers and I’m going to check out all of their blogs.

Little (Grrl) Lost was great! I loved everything about it. Fairies and Littles and Gnomes… I love magic and the magic world so this was a perfect book to end the challenge with. De Lint has written quite a few books so I’m going to check a few out and see if the others are as good.

Final pages read: 1273 + 1 audio book

Final hours read: 32 hours, 15 minutes

The Mother Reader 48 Hour Book Challenge Finish Line!!!