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After some finagling and smooth talking (not to mention silence in the face of outlandish requests from management whilst I completed the tasks without complaint… In their earshot anyway.) I managed to get today off of work. Which means that I can spend my last day reading nonstop and drinking coffee. No need for sleep as I can sleep after finishing the challenge tonight. In looking over my past posts, it occured to me that I hadn’t given a starting time in my original post, but only mentioned the hours spend reading. It was just after midnight, I’m not sure by how much, I’d guess about fifteen minutes or so, but I’ll just give myself a cut-off point of midnight. I wish I’d written down the exact time so I didn’t have to shave minutes off but since I didn’t, I’ll take the small cut as I don’t want to give myself anymore than the allotted 48 hours.

I’m nearing the end of Jane Eyre. As I type, I’m listening to it which is making typing this blog very slow as I keep hesitating and then stopping altogether. Last night was a good night for reading as work was busy and no one had time to chat. As of typing this sentence, I’ve read for 9 hours more. I can’t concentrate on this blog while listening to Jane Eyre so I’ll update later with more progress.

Pages read: 360 + almost all of the audio book of Jane Eyre

Hours read: 21 hours, 45 minutes

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