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The first book I finished for the challenge is Twilight. I liked it more than the movie, if that is possible. The characters were given more depth.


I don’t remember in the movie that the vampire that hunted Bella actually made Alice. Of course, I forget movie details quickly, especially when dazzled by the male lead, so I may have overlooked it but I don’t think so. I liked that added detail.


I’m now reading “The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Grace Under Pressure” by Kim Izzo. It is non-fiction and seems like it will be a quick read. I’m 10 pages in.

Pages read: 39 pages of What Do You Do All Day? which was 8 chapters, I’m not going to continue reading it; 280 pages of Twilight (finished book, had begun and put down earlier so was almost halfway through it when I resumed for the challenge. Book is 498 pages.); 10 pages of Grace Under Pressure (just started). All together: 329 pages + 15 chapters of audio book

Hours read: 12 hours, 45 minutes

Not bad for not yet being a full 24 hours into it.

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