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A recent comment led me to the decision to go ahead and do the dinosaur unit study. No promises on when I’ll be finished but I’m looking at writing it next week (a little internet time to recover from the 48 hour challenge) and either doing it the same week or starting the next week.

Remember the 48 hour challenge? Turns out I have to work all weekend (as opposed to the one day I thought I was going to have to work) which deeply cuts into my reading time but I’m still going to play, just for the fun of it, even though I have no chance at winning. The audio book qualification intrigues me. The rules say that one audio book can be included. While I’m not normally one for audio books, perhaps I can change that for this challenge? Ok… Problem is that I don’t have an mp3 player (well, I have one but haven’t been able to find it for months). Maybe I can find it in time. Or figure out how to put audio book files on my phone…

Mid-typing I began to panic about where I’d obtain an audio book of appropriate length in enough time so I stopped writing to google “longest audio books”. I won’t go through my long search but eventually I was led back to LibraryThing (why don’t I just go there first?) to their audiobook forum (that I’ve previously ignored). Of course, there was a thread on places to download free audio books. I decided to look through LibriVox to find an audiobook. I figured that I needed to find one that would last two workdays  so I decided to “read” either Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. Both are books that I’ve attempted to read in the past and put down after awhile. Both are still on my (ever-growing) reading list. I’m leaning towards Jane Eyre. Now I just need to find my mp3 player.

With the addition of being able to read one audiobook, I think I’m actually back in the running for a prize as I won’t have to waste the time that I spend at work!

If I can find my mp3 player or manage to get the book on my phone, I’ll start tonight at work. If not, I’ll start at 7 a.m. tomorrow. I’ll post a “first post” when the decision is made.

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