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So this year I’m going to take part in the 48 Hour Book Challenge. I’m going to do it Saturday 7 a.m. – Monday 7 a.m. and I’ll have to work one of those days. Nonstop reading sounds great! I’m going to order 30 books from the library in preparation. Last year’s winner read 27 books so I want to be prepared just in case. I read pretty fast so even though I won’t be able to read during work (even reading at lunch is hard what with all the “are you… reading?!?” comments but maybe I’ll be able to find a quiet corner), I might be able to read quite a bit. I’m going to make a few meals and prepare some snacks beforehand so I won’t have to stop to cook. Times like these I wish we had a yard so that I could set the kids up with games, tents, toys, books, and snacks and let them run wild. But that’s not an option so instead I’m going to make a kid buffet on the coffee table, set out tons of books, get some movies, and maybe a few new toys. 🙂

Should be fun!