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Even though I’m sick, I had the urge to cook. Or maybe because I’m sick because I don’t often feel the urge to cook otherwise. Anyway, today I made

Cinnamon rollsCinnamon rolls


Blueberry muffinsblueberry muffins.

Something weird happened to my cinnamon rolls. It was my first attempt and it went badly. I baked them too long and also, I couldn’t figure out how to roll them very well. I should have pulled the dough apart and made smaller rolls, then I could have just used the roll as is instead of having to roll the roll up (see? It doesn’t even write well). Ah well, the kids love them so it’s cool. Also, I can never get my muffins to look right. This is my goal.

Image from naturesnaturalhealing.com

But what you see that I’ve made is what I always get. I mean, they still taste good and all but it just isn’t the same. Maybe I don’t fill the tins enough? Food Blogga has some theories on getting fluffy muffins. I’ll try a few next time.