I ordered about a million books from the library. We read eight of them today but that barely put a dent in all the books we have stacked up in our “to read” stack. I might have to extend the dinosaur section until mid-week next week because I don’t know how we’ll get through all these book before then. Even if we read ten books a day it will still take ten days to get through all the books!

The winner (by far) of today’s books was definitely Librarian’s Night Before Christmas by David Davis. I absolutely adored this book and am going to buy it the next time I go book shopping!

The other books we read today:

  1. Dromaeosaurus
  2. Anansi Goes Fishing
  3. Library Mouse (another cute book, I’m going to buy every library book I can get my hands on in the future)
  4. Dazzle the Dinosaur
  5. L is for Library
  6. Dinosaur Tracks
  7. Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones

I like the Anansi books and have decided to read them all to the boys. Per usual, Fin helped me read a bit out of some of the books. He’s getting really good. Dul wanted to read as well but he’s still working on his letters. Tomorrow we’ll do some English study after reading. Words for Fin and letter practice for Dul who sorely wants to read like his brother.