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I’ve gone back and forth in my mind over the organization of my blog roll. First off, let me just say that the way it is set up is not the way I’d like. However, I don’t have the time to learn the html to get it together the way I’d like. Perhaps if I find a new job and am able to get more sleep, I’ll be able to focus some time on figuring out how to set it up so it is more pleasing to the eye. But until that point (or until I can convince the Husband to put down his numerous paid jobs in order to work on my blog for free. One which earns me no money and is purely for pleasure. Yeah, until then… ) I, and you, will have to suffer with the endlessly ugly list of blogs broken up into categories on my blog roll page.

However, what is bugging me tonight is not the aesthetics (though you wouldn’t know it by the rant above). Tonight I’m worried about correct categorization. Or should I say, the alphabetized list that I created. See, when I started the blog roll I had just gotten done doing some volunteering at a library and was very much in the library mindset. At the library, when you look up a book words like “the”, “an”, and “a” are just dropped off the front of the title as they are seen as throwaway words. So I decided to do that to my blog as well. However, in adding even more blogs to the blog  roll today (I realize it is a celebration, but my fingers feel raw from all the typing!) I saw that most of the blogs I linked to had pure alphabet blog rolls. As in, every single letter taken into account. So if a blog starts with “A” it is right on top of the list even if the title is “A Zebra Remembers” (not a real blog, to my knowledge, just giving an example).

So now I’m wringing my hands in worry. Have I entered hundreds of blogs only to have to reorder? Is it easier to find blogs this way, the way that every, besides me, seems to think is the “right” way? I don’t know. I do know that I’m too tired to worry about this anymore tonight. I hope I’m not able to worry myself into changing the whole order as that will take valuable hours that could be better spent reading. I mean, uh, sleeping. I would never spend hours in bed reading when I should be sleeping and then go to work fueled on two hours of sleep.

Now excuse me while I go… Sleep. (Where did I put my copy of “A Season in Hell”?)