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I completely missed Children’s Book Week this year. I knew it was close, knew it was coming, and then the next thing I knew, it had passed me by. So I’m going to celebrate by adding a bunch of new children’s lit blogs to my blog roll. We already read a ton so it isn’t like I can say, “Let’s read a book to celebrate Book Week!”

Speaking of which, I know that I need to be better about keeping track of the books that I read to the kids. I’ve started keeping track on LibraryThing of the ones we read for school but it is much harder to buckle down and enter in the ones we read just for pleasure. However, I’m going to make more of an effort. I’ve decided that I’ll put the books in a stack and then when I have the time I’ll take the stack and enter it.

I’ve ordered a bunch of books with a library theme from the library to celebrate Children’s Book Week. Those are going to be our “fun” books this week. Though they, especially Dul, are loving the dinosaur books. “Rocks and Fossils” was a bit dull for them but they enjoy  most of them overall.

Today was extremely busy as I spent most of the day looking for a new job, so we didn’t get any schooling done. Tomorrow the plan is to read another five school books. Fin has a loose tooth (his first!) so I’m going to pick up some books about that as well. I want to get science, math, history, Spanish, German, English done tomorrow. I’m thinking of doing a little geography as well but I’ll see if I have time to fit that in.

On my next payday I’m going to buy the Story of the World: Volume 1 Activity Book. I think it will be worth it to have the extra activities all laid out for me.