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For years I’ve been trying to find this cartoon I watched as a kid in the 80s. All I could remember was a portal, a grocery store, a pound, and some dogs that talked. Today (drumroll please!) I have found it!

Fluppy Dogs! It was actually a movie that Disney played on TV (I’m going to assume that it was repeatedly as I recall watching it more than once. Maybe we recorded it on VHS?) and not a cartoon series. I immediately went looking to buy it and discovered *gasp* I can’t buy it ANYWHERE!!!

Disney apparently never released it on dvd and the vhs version (I don’t even have a vhs player anymore. See, I don’t even remember the right name. I’m referring to a vcr, folks.) has mysteriously disappeared into THE VAULT.

So what is a girl to do? I want this movie. I need it. If Disney put it out and charged $20 for it, I’d be camping out at the local big box store waiting for my copy.

Someone go picket Disney for me.