Not for me but for the boys. Fin has almost grown out of his current pair and Dul left his on a recent trip to visit family with the Husband. So he’s been wearing a pair of sandals I bought him to wear to and from the pool. I’m thinking about getting each of them a pair of Converse. I like these a lot. I find myself buying them the same shoes a lot, they are usually about one size apart. So this time I’m making an effort to buy them separate shoes are they are indeed, separate children. 🙂 These Chuck Taylor Velcros are pretty cool but not as versatile. The Marc Eckos are a nice casual shoe and I adore the clean look of these Nikes. But they are very (extremely) active boys so they wouldn’t survive a second. On the other hand these Vans won’t show a drop of dirt or grass stains. Now caked in mud might be a bit hard to deal with but alas, they don’t make shoes that self-clean. A woman can hope though!

As for Belle, she has plenty of shoes but girls just have prettier shoes all around. So I’ve been drooling over tons of great shoes to buy for her. These Cali Girls are so pretty and summery. Its lucky that I’ve already paid bills and am tapped out or I’d be tempted to buy these rain boots right now. I want some Rocket Dogs for myself and these made for baby girls are so much cheaper. Give my kids more than I have indeed!

I do need some new work shoes and these Keds seem to fit the bill. It is so weird that I’m more excited about buying shoes for my kids than for myself. What is the world coming to? I guess I am indeed a grown up.