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I’m thinking about going back on the Eat to Live way of eating. I was on it briefly prior to getting pregnant with Belle and lost a good chunk of weight in a very short amount of time. I believe that one of the times I did it I lost ten pounds in a week. I’m not breastfeeding anymore (haven’t been for a bit now, sadly) and I’m ready to lose this “baby weight” (a.k.a. the weight I gained with Fin’s pregnancy and never lost). I’m not sure how much weight I want to lose so right now I’m aiming for getting down two pant sizes. At that point I’ll evaluate whether I want to lose more weight or not.

I’ve found that I’m not able to give myself wiggle room on this diet, I just start eating worse and worse until I just give it up altogether. So I’m just going to jump straight into it. Fat Free Vegan has the 6 week plan from Eat to Live that I’ll be following. For breakfast I’ll have fruit of some sort. Lunch will be a huge salad with greens, beans, mushrooms, and the other veggies will be mixed in. I’ll have a piece of fruit if I’m still hungry. Dinner will be cooked greens of some sort. I have to get the book again to see where certain things fall in the “good” or “bad” veggie category.

My only concern is that once I lose two pant sizes (which could very well happen in a month with this diet), I won’t have any more work clothes that fit. Of course, I am never adverse to shopping so this will be a great excuse to update my wardrobe!

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