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I have callouses and blisters on my hands. I just spent about two hours scrubbing the floor in the boys’ room. Every month or so I clean their room while they’re sleeping and then scrub their floor. I would really like to get a carpet cleaner but then, why get another appliance that wastes energy when I can do the same job with my hands, some cleaner, a bucket, and a scrub brush?

So this evening I decided that it was past time and got to work. I only cleaned the main areas, I’ve still got to clean under their beds and in the closet. But the overall appeal of the room is a lot better now. I’ve got to scrub down the walls and paint again because they somehow got markers and wrote all over the walls, again. The upkeep required with keeping things status quo around here quadrupled with the birth of Dul. But I love it. I love cleaning up after them and the fact that I have painted their room more than I’ve ever painted anything in my life. I love that they get so dirty when they play outside that I have to give them a bath, let the water out, and give them another bath in clean water. I love that they scream like banshees when they get a shower instead of a bath (seriously, they scream like I’m killing them even when I try to rinse their hair in the bath).

Because you know what? One day they aren’t going to want me in their room. One day they are going to put away their shoes without me having to ask them again and again. One day they’ll take showers by themselves and there will be no screaming about the water. They’ll paint their own rooms in their own homes. One day they won’t be my little boys anymore, they’ll be my grown up sons. So I’m going to treasure and love this time while I have it.

I have callouses and blisters on my hands. And I love it.