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I recently tried to merge my Shelfari, GoodReads, and LibraryThing accounts. I didn’t even get as far as entering one book from one to the other. Each holds its own place in my life.

LibraryThing is more literary, or at least I feel that way. It doesn’t seem to be populated with the uneven writing of children and I appreciate that. Ironic, I know, as I am one of the choppiest writers I’ve met. What I mean by uneven is not broken sentences, I’m talking about txt spk. I’m fine with it in the form of texts (after all, they cost MONEY, one must be concise and to the point!) but I don’t think it has a place anywhere else on the internet. In LT I put only books that I own.

Shelfari is prettier and it is far easier to add a book to your “shelf”. I use it mainly for keeping track of what I want to read/buy and what I’ve already read. My goal is to start adding what I read to the kids as well.

GoodReads is purely what I’ve read since starting the account. It keeps track of both when you entered the book and the date that you finished the book (much like LT) which is great when I’m trying to update my 75 books in a year post on LT and forget what I read, and when.

So it isn’t possible for me to merge the three. A pain in the butt, surely, especially when I read a book that I own and have to add it to all three accounts.