Here are some ideas for the workboxes:

  • color a picture
  • jump rope
  • sing a song
  • listen to a CD
  • watch an educational DVD
  • read a book (to mama, maybe)
  • have mama read a book to you
  • paint a picture
  • play with clay
  • play with legos (I put the legos in his workbox and had him play AT HIS DESK)
  • write your name on the chalkboard
  • handwriting sheets
  • spelling word sheet (superteacherworksheets.com)
  • language arts work
  • tanagrams
  • puzzles
  • play recorder
  • do a rosetta stone lesson (ours is free through the library)
  • play a leapster game
  • plant a flower
  • water that flower
  • feed the tadpoles
  • check the temperature of the tadpoles’ water
  • we have a book of cut and paste crafts that I dug out and I’ve been putting a page at a time in their boxes
  • set the table properly
  • measure a list of items
  • bake a cake
  • frost a cake
  • make a kid concoction
  • read a Bible passage

The above is from a forum that I frequent, posted by another poster. They are a mix of her ideas and those she’s gotten from other websites. You can see the original posting at MDC.