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I’m beginning to feel a bit bad about not having a name for the Husband on my blog. Each of the kids were easy to come up with a name for. I just gave then names that didn’t make the cut when it came time to naming them (damn veto power! I should have had infinitive naming control as I was the one pregnant and birthing!!) But I’ve never been able to come up with a name for the Husband. Calling him by another name didn’t feel right so I just stuck with the Husband.

So what do I call him? Captain Underpants? Big Bird? Nah.

The Husband and I both love anime. We each like different types but we watch it all the time and it is the one genre of television/movies that we’ll watch together even if it isn’t the specific type that both of us like. In one there is a character named Haji. I hold no affinity for the character but I recently read this quote (not sure where they obtained it) from a site I frequent:

Category: Pet – Gender: Male

He is another character from blood cross, and he would suite any person that is loving, and calm.


I hereby dub thee Haji. From here on out thy name will be as such!

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