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As Fin and Dul were eating breakfast, Dul threw something on the ground. Fin groaned, “Ah! I just cleaned this living room!” (They were in the dining room but whatever.)

A few minutes later we were all in the living room and Fin looked around the room, obviously a bit pissy.

“Um, Mama, who made this mess?”

I looked around the room cluelessly as I tore my contact at work and had to throw it out so I’ve been blind since about 1 a.m. Finally I replied, “I guess Daddy did it.”

“But who left the cars out?”

“Um, that was probably Belle.”

“Oooh, Dul, Belle left your cars out!”

Dul then surveyed the room and said, “So Daddy made this mess?”

“Yes.” I agreed.

Always ready to help, Fin jumped up and put Dul’s cars back in their case.

I’m cracking up because:

1. I decided a few months ago that my boys needed to start doing chores. The Husband and I each have our preferences on what they do. He has them clean their room before they come out in the morning. I have them clean the living room during the day and (on my off days) before bed. Cleaning is just picking stuff up and putting it where it belongs as they aren’t big enough to sweep/mop/vacuum (but oh how I dream!) So the fact that the responsibility of it is kicking in tickles me. I love that he groaned about having to clean again because maybe it will help him understand that after I spend five hours scrubbing their carpet, they shouldn’t immediately grind new filth into it.

2. Having told them that Belle was actually the one who put the cars everywhere, they had to put the blame elsewhere. Their little sister could NOT have made that mess, it must have been Daddy!!