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Keeps the bill collectors away? Maybe.

Husband freelances and I have a full-time job. Yet and still, we’re feeling the strain of the times. So back to article writing I go, protesting all the way. You see, I have many good (may I say, even great) ideas for articles but when it comes time to write them, I draw a blank. So I’m trying out a few new writing techniques and getting down and dirty with my article writing. I work better with deadlines so I’ve made a goal of writing one article a day. I’m hoping to make enough to pay the internet bill each month which will free up money that will then go to the (outlandishly priced) electricity bill. I wrote an article yesterday and am trying to do the same today. I have a feed that publishes here when my articles are published and I’d appreciate it greatly if you take a look. You can comment or not. I’d really appreciate input as I’m working hard to improve my writing style but if you’d just like to read, that’s all good too. My articles are going to focus on my interests which I think I can never find enough information on without some serious research.