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With Easter almost here it is time for me to think about the next holiday…

Did you know that every day is a “holiday”? Yes, it may be a made up holiday but still, a holiday all the same and a reason for celebration!

Today, for example, is not only Good Friday in the Catholic religion. It is also National Siblings Day! Tomorrow is Liberation Day for Uganda. And I’m still kicking myself over missing April 7th, a.k.a. No Housework Day! I must have some sort of holiday sixth sense as I celebrated the day without even knowing that it existed!

Monday is the Cambodian, Thai, and Laos New Year. April 16th is Librarian’s Day. As Lent will be over and I’ll be able to eat sweets again (I have Girl Scout cookies just calling my name!) I’m going to make some sugar cookies with the kids and drop them off at our favorite library. Of course, the other people in the library often get forgotten (the CSRs and pages don’t seem to have a day of their own!) so we’ll bring enough for everyone. I wish that I’d thought to look for a book shaped cookie cutter before because now it is too late to depend on delivery making it to me on time. But I’m going to buy this anyway and use it for the next batch of cookies intended for the library. Or I might buy it from CopperGifts.com where I can buy an open book, a closed book, and a person reading a book cookie cutter.

I like the idea of celebrating something each week. It gives me an excuse to bake cookies (or, more honestly, an excuse to eat cookies!)