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I suppose I shouldn’t be coveting during Lent so I’ll just say that I love this twirly dress from *just tutes and intend to make one for Belle soon!

I’m imagining the tons of cool shirts I can make for the boys when I buy this bowling shirt pattern from YouCanMakeThis.com.
This scrappy little basket from Moda Bake Shop is perfectly adorable.

I’m liking the various fabrics sold at good-ness, a shop that I found recently through SouleMama. I love all things Japanese with fabric and fabric books being no exception.

Jcaroline Creative has so much fabric and I have not nearly enough buying power!

What’s this? True Up has fabric sale alerts every Friday! I don’t know about you but you can consider that feed tucked nicely away in my Google Reader as we speak.

So MariahMade took a onesie and added a sack-like bottom ending with a onesie cuddle sac. Interesting idea. No cutting required, you can do as this thread at Babywearer suggests and use a lap tee instead.

Vlijtig has a tutorial to make a fabric basket which I am seriously considering for Easter. You can buy one ready made from Baffin Bags if you don’t feel especially crafty today.