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Today I’m beginning my spring cleaning. Many websites claim that there is no need for spring cleaning but that assumes that your house is already in pretty good order. My apartment is full of clutter that I need to get rid of. The warmer weather spurts have given me spring cleaning fever and though I love the idea of not having to spend hours at a time cleaning my home, it definitely needs it.

So far today I did a basic clean of the living room. Then I cleaned out my broken desk and threw the desk away as it wasn’t suitable for donation. Using About.com’s housekeeping site as a guide, I’m going through my main living areas today. The desk was a big point of contention in my home. It was in the living room and it was just a clutter draw, which made it an eyesore. Now that it is out, I already feel better about the place.

The other problems with my living room are:

  • The entertainment center. It is covered in junk.
  • The file cabinet. It has books that don’t fit in the bookcase piled on top of it.
  • The bookcase. The bottom three shelves (a.k.a. the shelves that the kids can reach) are piled up with books in an ugly manner. Way too many books, not nearly enough space.
  • The shoes by the door. I’ve already moved them to the hallway closet.
  • The guitars. We have guitars for our Guitar Hero game and the boys each have a student guitar. I saw somewhere that someone hung their guitars on the wall and I liked the look of it. I’m going to do that for ours as right now they are just piled in a corner.
  • The floor. The floor by the doorway needs to be mopped. The carpet needs cleaning. I can’t afford a service right now so I’ll be down on my hands and knees with cleaning solution and a scrub brush. I’ll do that tonight after the kids go to sleep.
  • The windows. I need to wipe down the blinds and wash the windows, inside and out.
  • The couches. The upholstery needs cleaning and I need to clean out under the cushions.

So today, getting the living room and kitchen clean and declutted are my goals. In the kitchen:

  • Clean out the refrigerator.
  • Clean the counters.
  • Clear out the cabinets and get rid of the stuff we don’t use.
  • Wash out the cabinets.
  • Clean out the pantry.
  • Sweep/mop the floor.
  • Wash the walls.

Ok, I have Clean House on the TV. I’m going to get started.