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The Husband and I put up the boys’ bunk bed today. Or, I should say, he put up the bed and I put on one mattress. And held up a few pieces while he screwed them together. Ah well, I helped. We’re also spray painting their walls. Long ago and far away I decided that I didn’t want to stifle their artistic expression. Part of that entailed me letting them draw on the walls. It seemed alright at the time until I realized that they draw a lot faster and with less effort than I clean. So their walls, my hallway, and even my beloved chocolate colored living room walls, became a mural to them. They weren’t allowed to draw in the hallway or the living room but they did it anyway. Regular paint was expensive, messy, and a pain to handle so I bought spray paint. So far the Husband has done the bathroom, I’ve done part of the hallway, and we did a joint effort on their room. I’m going to need more spray paint, lots of it. I’m thinking of just getting more white paint instead of spray paint as I almost passed out because of the fumes and now I can’t get the taste out of my mouth. But where we’ve done the walls so far looks great!