With the upcoming Easter season, my mind has turned to all things spring. I’ve begun spring cleaning which yesterday included hand scrubbing the carpet in the boys’ room. I’ve almost finished the closet, I’m just going to go over it once more today. Here’s my list of what I’ll do today.

  1. Wash boys’ floor
  2. Wash boys’ walls
  3. Paint boys’ room
  4. Wash hallway walls and floors
  5. Paint hallway
  6. Gather together and return library books
  7. Clean couches

I figure that will take me at least four hours. I’m not doing any fancy colors, just refreshing the white paint. We might more before summer and the paint definitely needs a pick-me-up. I figure I can do it myself for a few dollars or get charged an outrageous amount by the apartment complex when they figure that they have to paint before renting.

I’m using tips from Spring Cleaning 101, Organized Home, and of course Martha.