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And I royally screwed it up! I think I was supposed to sew the edge of the inner layer to the edge of the outer. Instead I just pinned it down and sewed it as it was, effectively cutting off about two inches of the outer. My sewing machine kept messing up and I have errors because of that. I turned through the wing which would have been good if I’d been intending to topstitch but I wasn’t so it isn’t.

But the pretty apple fabric of the inner is cute! My camera batteries are dead (I need to get some rechargable batteries and a charger) so I couldn’t take a picture. I kept trying to fool the camera into thinking that it had enough juice by switching it off and on repeatedly and trying to snap a pic as soon as I turned it on but that didn’t work. Belle needed the diaper on her bum so I just put it on her. I have to make a few more today as she has absolutely no diapers. Hopefully in a couple days I can get some batteries and then I’ll take some pictures. I’ll take a picture of the one I made today after it has been washed.

To get through today and tomorrow (until I can do some laundry) I thin I need to make at least six diapers. I’ll make the soakers later, for now I’m just laying the prefolds I have inside. I actually like that quite a bit so I’m not sure if I’ll actually make more soakers or just use the prefolds. We have to use a laundromat right now as we don’t have a washer/dryer hookup so I need the dipes to dry quickly which is why I’m not doing an inner soaker. Just two layers of flannel and the outer layer of fleece. Laying the prefold inside the diaper would mean a cleaner wash, and my pretty fabric wouldn’t get stained as much. Not to mention all the time I’ll save. If I should decide to do that I think I’ll buy some more prefolds, at least ten more as I have twelve right now. I might buy some snappis as well and make a few covers so we can just do prefolds and covers if we run out of diapers. I have enough fabric stashed to make Belle a nice sized stash.

She is a pretty small baby so I’m making her mediums right now. Once that stash is done I’ll get right to work on her large sizes because I don’t want to have to deal with disposables again when she grows out of the mediums. Entirely too much waste and pretty gross as well. Enough time wasted, I’m off to start another diaper. She’s sick right now which means she’s going to the bathroom more than usual so I’m sure she’ll use the diaper before I’m finished making another one. Right now the Husband is trying to get her to take a nap with him so hopefully she’ll fall asleep and that will buy me some time.