Today while out and about running errands what did I see but a new thrift store in my area! I’m super excited as previously I had to drive a million miles to get to one and now I have one right in my neighborhood. Even more exciting: the proceeds go to charity! Today I just got a shape sorter toy for Belle and a purse (Nine West for only $4.99!) for myself but I’ll be back on payday to get some more stuff. They take donations (that’s where they get all of their stuff) so I’m seeing a new home for the stuff that the kids outgrow. We need a dining room table and chairs so I’ll be on the lookout for them as well as some bookcases.

I love thrift stores for many reasons. It gives me the opportunity to purchase more for my money. It helps the environment because instead of buying things new I can buy things that are already made and used. Cuts down on production which is great for the earth. Also, I just really love a good deal.

I saw some fabric there as well but didn’t have the time to go through it all. I’ll have to check it out more closely next time.