I had grand plans of making a few diapers yesterday. I made a small goal of only two or three diapers. However I didn’t take into account kid care, a friend asking me to drop by, and the putting together of the pattern. Putting together the pattern took awhile because with the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern, there are so many options. I didn’t have many printouts (Vista has killed my printing abilities) so I needed to decide prior to making the pattern. I finally decided to make a front closing, turned with a rolling edge AIO with a sewn-in flap style soaker. Then I had to decide which fabric I was going to use. I went with light green fleece for the outer, an apple print on a yellow background for the inner, birdseye for the middle of the soaker and it will be covered in more of the apple print. Dark green Touchtape and green Gutermann thread finish it up. The elastic is some that I bought from a local store. I try to buy my thread and elastic from a local store but her fabric is too pricey for me to buy. I buy fabric on sale from Joann’s mainly though I’ve been eyeing some good prices online.

So all this took quite awhile and complete with a few flubs, I have only succeeded in cutting out the body pieces and beginning to pin them together. I’m aiming to get a couple diapers done by the end of tonight. I’m just going to do one in each different color combo for now as I’m going to print out more patterns from DD so I can try out different styles. I’m thinking a front closing pocket, a side closing all-in-one, and a side closing pocket. I’m not sure about topstitching, I like the look but also, it saves me a lot of work not doing it. After making this diaper, which won’t be topstitched, I’ll be able to make a clearer decision. All of my previous diapers have been topstitched so I already know how I like that.

I should probably get to work…